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beauty farm centro estetico in sardegna

Beauty farm

The spa, which is located two kilometers from the hotel, is equipped with the main facilities and for those who want to improve or maintain their state of fitness and wellness. The center has a special area dedicated to massages in the various relaxation techniques (comfort touch, ayurveda, hot stones, anti-stress, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite). Different techniques, all united by the wish to give wellness to the whole person.

  1. Partial massage (cellulite, draining, relaxing) 25 min.
  2. Specific back massage ( 30 min.)
  3. Relax massage (50 min.)
  4. Anti-stress massage (50 min.)
  5. Drainage massage (50 min.)
  6. Toning massage (50 min.)
  7. Ayurvedic massage (50 min.)
  8. Californian massage (50 min.)

Massage dumplings salts & herbs (duration 50 '): It' a traditional method of application bundles to Thai herbs that facilitates muscle relaxation and induces a pleasant wellness.

Hot candel relaxing massage (duration 50 '): Turn your pleasure, by stimulating your sense of well-being with the candle flame emanating precious essences. Enjoy a magical moment and enjoy the benefits of a warm massage, wrap and revitalizing.

Sports massage (duration 50 '): The massage is designed for those who make sport and aims to maintain in good condition the organs and the muscular system. The sports massage has special features: uses essential oils, balsamic creams and herbal extracts combining the benefits of manual manipulation power of the best natural ingredients.

Aesthetics: The beauty center offers a wide range of treatments for highly skilled care and wellness of your body.

Among the many treatments offered include:

  • anti-aging;
  • cellulite;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • hair removal;