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hotel califfo a cagliari


Built 36 years ago, the hotel has been since then the destination of artists, this thanks to his founder Mr Bruno Mura. Its known Restaurant in the District of the Marina in Cagliari, was habitually attended by artists some of which became known to the whole Sardinian public.

Among the various characters who attended the restaurant we remember: Matteo Discepolo, Libero Meledina, Raugi, Guerrera, Cano, Mele, Spada, Nonnis, and also the famous Aligi Sassu.

Each of these artists has left a memory, a work. Bruno Mura has, in the years, selected and catalogued all the works, and now a lot of these can be seen at the hotel Califfo.

At the beginning of the 90’s, the hotel was selected as the centre to host the International Competition "Fare arte in Sardinia". From this competition lots of paintings, wooden and stone works came out and are actually exposed in our Hotel.

The hotel has become a real art Gallery, and very often the saloons, the passages and the rooms, hide some small masterpieces.